Your finances, insightful and easy to understand with Power BI

Working with multiple software packages that are difficult to interpret is of the past.

Power BI Demo financial dashboard

Unfortunately, the demo dashboard cannot be viewed on mobile. Check out the photos or the desktop version for further smart features.

Power BI financial dashboard

A Power BI financial dashboard provides numerous in-depth insights that can assist you in making critical business choices. This allows you to monitor and track every KPI or entry. With the financial dashboard, you can:


Implement better cost and cash management strategies


Keeping track of business expenses and income


Understanding daily cash flow and monitoring your liquidity status


Track the status of your debtors and all outstanding payments


Achieve your company’s financial goals by understanding current and target numbers

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Getting started with a financial dashboard

Getting started with Microsoft Power BI? Iberico helps you through the entire process.
From creating the data link to delivering the Power BI dashboards.

It starts with making the data connection between your accounting package and Power BI. Then the data is loaded and the standard views and custom views are prepared for use. The dashboards in Microsoft Power BI’s online environment are refreshed daily, which making it easy to see your current figures. The Power BI App allows you to access your dashboard on any device, and in addition, dashboards can be shared with colleagues.

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Benefits of a financial dashboard


Understanding the key figures of your businesses on one screen


Fully customizable to your needs and desires


Pick up anomalous issues immediately and forward overview internally


Scalable and affordable

Linkability with all administration packages

The information from your company’s accounting package can be transferred one-to-one. For example, we link Exact, unit4, Afas and all other accounting software.

Add multiple software packages to merge financial information with operational and managerial information.

Some of the potential links:

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