Transportation Dashboard Power BI

Data visualization for the transportation industry

Let data from multiple transportation systems improve your operations

The transportation and logistics sector is full of smart It solutions. Our solutions are full with data that we and our clients are eager to bring to the forefront for creating a wide range of variable dashboards.

Art-Systems transpas

Some of the data we extract from transportation systems

Planning dashboard

Instant visibility of volume, weight, load meter, shipments, time shipments, loading and unloading

Management dashboard

Among other things, revenue figures by period, customer, revenue type, vehicle, driver, region

Sales dashboard

Among others, customer metrics, top 20 customers, revenue gainers and decliners, and order gainers and decliners per customer.

Customer view dashboard

Revenue figures by period, order figures, time deliveries, loading and unloading region, Geographical data and volumes.

HR dashboard

Staffing figures based on availability by period, employability, leave, employed and out of service.

Efficient planning, loading and unloading, through the transport dashboard

Planned sales versus target sales

Instant visibility into revenue figures of scheduled trips. Useful on a screen on the wall in the planning department.

Transpas revenue planning transpas
Transpas measured distance per vehicle Iberico

Measured hours and km per vehicle per day of the week

Better match distances to vehicle and day of the week. Measured hours and distance driven per vehicle clear at a glance.

Transpas measured distance per vehicle Iberico

Real-time visibility into what is loaded and unloaded yesterday, today and tomorrow

Real-time insights into loading and unloading addresses, by province and address. Understanding M3, Kg and charge meter.

As soon as a new trip is scheduled in transport system, it appears in the dashboard.

Transpas Real time dashboard loading and unloading Iberico

Customer view, all transport information you want insight into per customer

View client information over the past period and share dashboards for better client alignment.

Turnover figures by year

Revenue growth per customer for the past 3 years.

In-depth insights through multiple filter levels including: customer, revenue type, general ledger, plan group and order type.

Transpas Power BI Dashboard Revenue Iberico
Transpas Power BI Dashboard Orders Iberico

Number of orders per year

See order growth or decline per customer. Get visibility into the number of m3, kg or load meters per order per customer and more.

Transpas Power BI Dashboard Orders Iberico

Customer image

All customer statistics on one page.

Transpas Power BI Dashboard Customer Image Iberico
Transpas Power BI Dashboard Geo detail Iberico

Geographical details

View the quantity of orders per customer by country and province.

Transpas Power BI Dashboard Geo detail Iberico

Loading and unloading regions

Zoom in on last year’s loading and unloading region and make new decisions based on the insights that come from the transportation customer dashboard.

Transpas Power BI Dashboard Region Iberico
Transpas Power BI Dashboard Time Deliveries Iberico

Time shipments

All time transmissions on one sheet. View the percentage of time shipments achieved by customer and see which time shipments structurally fail to meet the target.

Transpas Power BI Dashboard Time Deliveries Iberico

We work for the following transportation clients, among others

Sluyter logistics
Van Opdorp transport

See the above transportation dashboards in action?

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