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A young team of thinkers and doers

What do we stand for?

We want to give our customers a warm gut feeling. Our intuitive and simple dashboards make usually complicated data clear at a glance.



Iberico’s mission is to leave the world a little more beautiful than we initially found it. Completing this starts with establishing warm customer relationships. We seek a mutual connection in which the parties involved reinforce each other. Companies with a vision, who are ahead of the curve or are afraid of falling behind are in the right place.

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Iberico Engineering


Running reports from different systems is an outdated practice. We connect all your data, program the code and visualize it in dashboards.

Iberico Engineering


We are IT professionals with an open, human and results-oriented nature. Those characteristics are the golden combination for us to understand our clients’ business operations in a short period of time. To then turn them into clear dashboards.


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Implementing dashboards within an organization? This requires people skills in addition to programming knowledge. Embedding a dashboard may evoke resistance because of its changeable nature. Iberico takes that away by taking care of the transformation and team process.

Iberico Carrier

Why choose Iberico?

A dashboard of Iberico provides pressure relief and result enhancement. Clients work with us because of our intuitively designed dashboards, business-friendly communication and focus on results and job happiness.


Stefan Breedt Iberico

Stefan Breedt

General Manager

Conscious, dedicated and collaborative. Stefan sees the bigger picture and facilitates the means to achieve set goals.

Jasper Eggink Iberico

Jasper Eggink

Operations Director

Sharp and intuitive, no database or software program is safe with Jasper. In no time at all, he knows the beaten path of any organization.

Leroy Naarden Iberico

Leroy Naarden

Technical Director

Honest, scholarly and even playful, Leroy transforms businesses by aligning people, IT and vision.

Our experience

We have over 15 years of experience in dashboard development, software, data science, personal and organizational development. As a result, we know how to take a company to the next level with the use of technology and the right people. Iberico understands that like no other.

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